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Blood Bindings

As the earth continued to shake, dislodging sections of the building, and damaging the support structures, the Heroes continued to search through the crumbling Manor house, looking for any Syrneth artifacts that could uncover. Orfeo recommended that the Heroes’ should look for any way to access the lower levels, as any secure locations that Donatello had constructed within his home were almost certainly located there.

The Heroes soon found a staircase that lead to the lower levels of the Mansion, but also heard the muffled sounds of several men below. Orfeo drew his rapier and decided to scout ahead stealthily. Peering around the corner, he saw a man kneeling before a large metal door at the other end of a vast room. Filling the room were groups of rough looking sailors. As quiet as he was trying to be, The Invisible Machines of Murphy made an appearance, and his foot dislodged a rock, which bounced and roll noisily into the room. The Sailors noticed his presence and immediately attacked.

The man by the door spun around, drawing a pistol as he turned and, with an explosive cracking, fired a shot, which slammed with brutal precision into Orfeo. He immediately dropped his spent pistol, draw another, and fired again, the shot’s impact threw Orfeo into the wall. Hearing the commotion below Elise and Thors immediately charged down the steps, rushing to Orfeo’s aid. A group of sailors quickly leapt upon Orfeo, attempting to wrestle him to the ground and remove him from the action. Their efforts were in vain, as the combined efforts of Orfeo and Elise soon had them unconscious on the ground. Thors screamed his battle cry and leap, swinging his axe in a mighty down arc, cleaving through sailors as he landed in the middle of the Melee.
The Castillian, Don Diego ran down the stairs, vaulting over the remaining men atop Orfeo and ran straight at the man by the door, his rapier stabbing deeply into the man’s arm. Dräken finally managed to force his way down the steps, and as he rushed past the melee on the steps his fist lashed out, taking the last of the sailors atop Orfeo out of the fight.

Seeing the damage that the man at the door was inflicting on his friends, Thors seized the two remaining sailors that had survived his assault, and with a cry that shook the room, hurled the sailors at their captain, knocking them all unconscious. The three remaining sailors quickly dropped their weapons and surrendered.

The battle completed, and the building continuing to crumble around them, the Heroes turned their attention to the Iron door. Thors’ attempts to break open the door met with continued failure, and his attempt to destroy the lock with one of the Captain’s pistols resulted in a ricochet, that struck Orfeo, the blood loss finally sending him crashing down into unconsciousness.

While Elise attended to the medical needs of Orfeo, helping prevent him from bleeding to death, and doing her best, successfully, to return him to consciousness, Don Diego picked up the set of lockpicks that the Captain had been working with, and turned his attention to the door. After a short time he announced that he had managed to pick the lock, and the Heroes entered the vault, discovering a trove of artifacts they were certain Caligari would desire. Dräken unwittingly put on a glove made of Chitin, which bound to his hand. They gathered the artifacts together, secured the unconscious sailors, and managed to make their way out of the trembling building.

The Heroes made it back to the cliff they had climbed up to enter the Manor. Their longboat, secured to the climbing lines, bobbed on the inky water far below them. Orfeo quickly slid down the rope first and maneuvered the boat close to the cliff face. With little time left, the party
discussed how best to transport the artifacts and prisoners to the boat below, but soon overcame those challenges, and set out for their ship, floating in the distance. When the Heroes had crossed half the distance to their ship they heard a terrible rending of rocks behind them, and turned to see the manor and surrounding rocks crumble into the sea, falling into the depths below.

Returning to on the ship, all thing that were found in the castle were given to Bianca. The journey back to Caligari would take two days. On the first day Elise decided to take the 3 men from the castle up on the deck and negotiate with them. Below, Orfeo and Thors were both eager to question the leader. Elise agreed to let the men go free if they would tell her what they knew. Just then, the leader woke up. Thors picked him up and threw him in a chair. The leader insulting the honor of both Orfeo and Thors, spitting in their faces. Thors was outraged. Orfeo tried to calm him, but was not successful. Thors picked up the man and threw him against the wall, causing his neck to break. Orfeo left the brig and went up on deck as Dräken came down to inspect the commotion. Upon inspecting the deceased captain, Dräken announced that he would be watching over the prisoners from then on.

Seeing Elise and the three men up on deck, he went to tell Elise of what happened below. Just then a ship was seen gaining on them flying Villanova flags. The ship fired one cannonball on the party’s ship. The captain, named Zambo managed to pull away from the Villanova ship.

During the next day of sailing, Thors and Orfeo competed to fight against the Zambo for a small sum of money. Thors was victorious in both battles. Once back in Caligari’s domain, Elise let the 3 captured men from the castle take the rowboat for the information they provided. When the ship docked, Dräken wished to release the Villanova men they had captured 4 days before. Orfeo was against this, but was persuaded to agree.

They went to present the Syneth Artifacts to Caligari. However, the chest that contain the Artifacts was now nearly empty, containing only a small Fox figurine, the calling card of the famous thief known as the Night Fox. Embarrassed, the party vowed to track down the thief and retrieve the artifacts for Caligari. For their assistance, Caligari gave them letters, making them all Privateers in his name.

After a few days back in town, for various reasons, all of the party ended up at a local bar known as The Powder Keg. Thors and the Captain from the ship were drinking together. Elise and Bianca were together as well. Dräken struck up a conversation with the Bartender while Orfeo sat in a corner and watched the rest of the bar. Upset with the music that was playing, Diego demanded for something more upbeat. With the entrance of a Castillian guitar player, the bar broke into dance. While Elise and a very drunk Bianca were dancing, Diego attempted to cut in, beginning a Dance of Of the 7th Sea Stars between Diego, Elise, and Bianca. Thors and Zambo took two women upstairs to the first room they could find. Becoming bored sitting back and watching, Orfeo decided to find the most attractive woman he didn’t know, talked to her, pretended to listen, and took her upstairs. After accidentally stumbling upon the room Thors and Zambo were in, he took his girl to another empty room. After the dance of ended, Diego settled for a less attractive woman than Bianca, and went upstairs to another empty room. Elise took Bianca to another empty room for the night, leaving Dräken alone at the bar. With the bar closing, the bartender, gave Dräken a sandwich out of pity.

In the morning, each of the party made their way back down to the bar. Orfeo, who woke early, left out the window of the room he was in to explore the city. Dräken had left the bar the night before and woke up, lost, in a ditch. Thors, Elise, Bianca, and Diego went back to Caligari’s castle.

A few hours after the group made it back to the castle, a scream was heard from Bianca’s room. Elise, Thors, and Diego burst in to see a female figure in a cloak trying to pull Bianca into a bloody hole in space. Diego reacted quickly, shooting the figure with one of the pistols he had acquired in the castle. The figure simply opened a small hole in space, catching the bullet. Elise grabbed onto Bianca attempting to wrestle her away from the figure. Diego shot his final pistol, this time hitting the figure, causing her to drop Bianca. Realizing she was beaten, the figure slipped back into the portal.

Back in the city, Orfeo managed to find Dräken and they began to explore the city, completely unaware of the altercation that had taken place back in the castle….


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