Web of Velvet and Steel

Session 1

A Meeting in the Dark

The Heroes of this campaign are a motley collection individuals, the group comprised of representatives from most of the nations of Theah. The individuals concerned were:

Orfeo Alberti, a Vodacce born blacksmith, returning to his homeland after an extended period living in distant Avalon.

Dräken Grüber, an Eisen born sailor, a citizen of the Pirate nations, on the run from a vengeful Eisen noble.

Elise Dupont, a Montaigne born authoress and swordswoman, passionately working to improve the rights of women.

The campaign begins with the Heroes scattered across the world tending to their various concerns. When each of the Heroes returned to their lodgings for the night they each found a letter and a package waiting for them. The letter and the package were wrapped in expensive black paper, and the writing of the letter was incised into the card in elegant script, and overlaid with gold leaf.

The letter cordially invited each of the Heroes to celebrate Carnivale in Vodacce at a house of well known repute The Courtesan’s Key, located on Villanova Island. The letter also hinted that the sender was aware of a secret each of the heros had in their past, and that failure to attend would, by necessity, result in the revelation of that secret to the world. The instructions within the letter also requested that the Heros wear the item within the attending package, as that would be the sign that their contact in Vodacce would recognize.

The package contained a Porcelain Bauta syle mask Incised with a purple lacquered rose on the right cheek.

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The Heroes then all make their journeys to Vodacce, many arriving early in order to spend some time within the city and familiarize themselves with its layout. On the appointed day and time, all the heroes began to congregate at The Courtesan’s Key, each of them wearing their masks to hide their identities. The Heroes began to spend a tense, though enjoyable evening in the establishment, many of them partaking of the various services available in the main lounge. Slowly the heros began to realize their contact was exceptionally late in arriving until, suddenly, the doors burst open, and a beautiful woman ran into the room, pursued closely by various rough looking characters.

The woman ran to the far side of the room, and when her pursuers attempted to take custody of her they found their path impeded by the Heroes. Orfeo in particular objected to the men’s attitude and language, and was the first of the Heros to react when the men attacked. While Orfeo and Dräken concentrated on putting as many of the kidnapers out of the fight as quickly as possible, Elise concentrated on guarding the woman’s person, throwing herself between the woman and anything attempting to harm her.

The battle was short and brutal, and though reinforcements arrived on the upper level with lassos and grappling hooks, the men’s attempts to kidnap the woman only met with failure, the Heroes putting the kidnappers down. About halfway through the fight the woman’s Vestenmannavnjar bodygaurd, Thors, arrived, breaking the doors from their hinges and hurling broken wood and furniture at anything that moved. Due to the confusion of the Melee, Thors was unaware who was friend and who was foe, and though the woman attempted to end the fight, her cries went unheeded, and Thors, Dräken, and Elise ended up brawling with each other until order was finally established by Orefo.

Once the immediate danger had ended the woman introduced herself as Bianca Caligari, and told them that she was the contact that the Heroes had been waiting for, and her lateness was due to her attempts to lose her pursuers before meeting them at the rendezvous. The Heroes learned from Bianca that she was the granddaughter of Vincenzo Caligari, one of the Merchant Princes of Vodacce, and that it was he who had contacted them. He desired to meet with the Heroes in order to offer them a commission, but that secrecy was of critical importance, hence the rendezvous on his enemy’s island, and the precaution of the masks.

In gratitude for the vigorous defense on her behalf Bianca gave a passionate kiss to the slightly build swordsman who had behaved with such distinction, discovering belatedly that her defender was Elise, dressed in men’s clothing.

Confused, her emotions in a turmoil, she realized that if they didn’t leave immediately they ran the chance of being apprehended by Villanova’s guards. She lead the Heroes out into the night, ending the first week’s session.


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