Alfredo Caligari

Ship's Captain of Vodacce


Known Backgrounds: Betrothed

Known Advantages: Dangerous Beauty, Noble, Commission (Captain)


“I will see you beg at my feet like the dog you are.”

Alfredo is an darkly-handsome man in his mid-thirties. He smiles easily, but the smiles never touch his eyes, which seem to perpetually smolder with repressed anger and resentment. He serves his grandfather, Prince Vincenzo Caligari, as the Captain of the Siren’s Mercy, one Prince Caligari’s “Merchant Fleet”. Alfredo is also an accomplished swordsman of the Ambrogia school, and has killed at least two other men in duels. He prefers to allow his opponent to strike first, so that he can injure or kill his opponent with a sudden and violent Riposte.

When he was a young man he was betrothed to his cousin, Bianca, in order to join two feuding factions within the family together. The noble women of the house saw that Bianca would grow into a powerful fate witch, and the gift of such a useful tool mollified Afredo’s side of the family. When Prince Caligari publicly broke the engagement, Alfredo felt humiliated. He saw Bianca as his possession, and being denied what he saw as rightfully his filled him with rage. Since that time he has gone out of his way to remind Bianca that she belongs to him, and he will one day collect her when Prince Caligari tires of her.

Alfredo was recently summoned by Prince Caligari to serve as the captain of an expedition organized to search for Syrneth artifacts. When the explorers arrived he was amused to find Bianca among their number. His abuses towards her provoked the Eisen sailor, Dräken Grüber, to intervene. The intervention escalated into a duel to first blood, a duel which Dräken lost, receiving a deep cut to the chin. The Hero’s defense of Bianca lead Alfredo to believe that they were important to her, and he planned to allow them to complete their mission, then murder them on the return journey. Unfortunately he wasn’t as guarded with his attentions as he should have been, and he let those intentions accidently be known during a conversation with the Vodacce Blacksmith, Orfeo Alberti.
When Orfeo publicly accused him of plotting murder, Alfredo immediately challenged Orfeo to a duel to the death, which was averted by Prince Caligari’s direct intervention. As the Hero’s left on their mission Alfredo swore to them that he would have his vengeance.

Alfredo Caligari

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