Ambassador Carla Von Wiesenger


Known Backgrounds: Hunting (1)


“A silver tongue is of less worth than an iron fist.”

Carla Von Wiesenger is Eisenfürst Nicklaus Trägue’s Ambassador to the Court of Montaigne. Her posting was a punishment from her Eisenfürst for her failing to deliver a shipment of Dracheneisen ore to an ally on time due to an attempted theft. The subsequent breakdown of relations displeased Trägue, so he sent her as far from him as he could.

Carla loathes the entire pageantry of l’Empereur’s court, and the parasitic nature of the Montaigne nobility. In her view, a family’s noble title must be retained through one’s actions and deeds to their people and country. Being born into the nobility is a responsibility and a burden, not a privilege. She refuses to speak in anything but a brutally direct manner, and insists on always wearing her suit of Dracheneisen armor instead of the ostentatious dresses the Montaigne feel are the proper attire for a lady of any worth.

Consequently she has not had much success in her dealings at court. The Montaigne distain her outlook, are offended by her refusal to play their intricate games of manners and language, and are driven to fits of condescending laughter her appearance.

They refer to her as Trägue’s imbécile de fer, or the soldat de jouet, but always behind her back, never to her face. The last man to do so still drools uncontrollably and has been unable to eat solid foods.

Ambassador Carla Von Wiesenger

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