Bianca Rosanna Caligari

Fate Witch of Vodacce


Known Backgrounds: Betrothed

Known Advantages: Appearance (Stunning), Dangerous Beauty, Noble, Small


“Here,… a kiss, for luck.”

Bianca is one of the granddaughters of Prince Vincenzo Caligari.

When she was a young girl she was betrothed to her cousin, Alfredo Caligari, in order to end a conflict between feuding branches within the Caligari family. However, an incident occurred while she was growing up which caused Prince Caligari to publicly break the betrothal, and take direct supervision of her upbringing. Neither Prince Caligari, nor Bianca have ever revealed what occurred to precipitate such a radical departure from the Prince’s own policies.

Alfredo has never forgiven the implied insult to his honor, and has always held Bianca responsible for the insult done to him, going out of his way to insult and abuse her whenever their paths cross.

With Bianca’s maturation as a young woman, Prince Caligari began using her as his direct representative in matters involving the discovery and procurement of Syrneth artifacts. This has caused an extreme amount of friction within the Caligari family, and in order to maintain her safety during these missions Prince Caligari secured the services of the Vestenmannavnjar bodyguard, Thorsuivinanu Ordsauadeidsan.

Bianca was the representative sent to meet the Heros upon their arrival in Vodacce, at the upscale brothel The Courtesan’s Key, on Villanova Island. She was attacked by unknown assailants en-route to that meeting, and was rescued by the Hero’s swift intervention. Of particular note, during that encounter Bianca met, and became very taken with, the Montaigne Swordswoman, Elise Dupont. Elise’s actions during the combat were something the young Caligari had never experienced. The Swordswoman protected her to the exclusion of all else, with no knowledge of who she was, or who she represented. Those selfless actions impressed Bianca deeply, and filled her with a jumble of confused emotions.

Later that evening Elise came to her chambers and Bianca saw the beginnings of a powerful Cups Strand of Fate begin to form, binding the women’s destinies together. She gave in to the romantic words of the Swordswoman, and her feelings for Elise have grown in the days since. Bianca feared what would happen once the the expedition to Vestini Manor was completed, and worried that once Elise has completed the task set by her grandfather, that she would return to Montaigne, leaving Bianca behind. Adding to her concerns was the fact that she wasn’t able to assist the Heroes in their assault on the Manor, as a Boarder from the Villanova ship managed to break her arm before being apprehended, which prevented her from climbing the rope up the cliffs.

Her fears for the safety of the Heroes came to nothing, as they all managed to escape from the Manor, although several of them looked fairly well used after their ordeals within the manor. She eagerly collected the items the heros had collected and quickly began her examinations of the items in the hold of the ship, discovering several items that her uncle would be delighted to acquire. During her examinations of the artifacts, the Castillian Don Diego kept her company in the hold until Elise arrived. Bianca returned the items that had no interest for her Grandfather to the Heroes, and set aside the Rapier and Monocle. She also examined Drakan’s hand, and informed him that the Chiton Gauntlet he had fused to his hand was an artifact her grandfather would want, but that because of her admiration for his actions she wouldn’t inform her grandfather of the gauntlet’s existence. She also informed the Heroes that the most important finds of the expedition were the scroll case and Journal, which contained information she believed would lead the Heroes to something called “The Fountain of Eternity”, a location her Grandfather would most definitely be interested in.

During the journey home, when she and Elise were alone in her room she began the discussion she feared to have with Elise. She asked Elise what her intentions were now that the mission was completed, and the threat her Grandfather had used was more than likely past. Her heart fell when Elise informed her of her intention to return to Montaigne. When Elise saw Bianca’s expression she quickly said that she had hoped that Bianca, having heard of the support network offered by Sophia’s Daughters, would run, and return to Montaigne with Elise. Bianca smiled sadly and gave Elise the Monocle that the Heroes had brought back. Bianca had discovered that the Monocle allowed a user to see the smallest amount of the threads of fate that Sorte users saw. She instructed Elise in how to use the device and showed the web of authority, conflict, and commerce that ensnared her, binding her tightly to her life in Vodacce. In an effort to make certain Elise knew for certain how she felt she showed Elise that Bianca possessed only a single Cups thread, the thread of love and relationship, and that it bound her tightly to Elise. She wanted Elise to know how much her attention and care had meant to the young Caligari, but she understood if Elise needed to return to her homeland. She wanted to make a gift of the Monocle to Elise, to be used in the service of Sophia’s Daughters, and she also gifted Elise with the Rapier the Heroes had discovered, as she had found it was one of the famed puzzle swords of Elise’s homeland. As Bianca turned to return to her studies Elise told her that she would stay. Bianca looked up and saw the Cups strand twisting even tighter and filled with happiness, dragged Elise to bed.

Bianca Rosanna Caligari

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