Don Diego Leon de Soldano del Castillo


Brawn: ●●
Finesse: ●●●
Wits: ●●
Resolve: ●●
Panache: ●●●



Backgrounds: Dark Secret (3), Infamous Teacher (2), Rivalry (2)

Advantages: University, Membership: Swordsman’s Guild, Castillian Blade(Soldano), Castillian Education, Noble, Ordained

Reputation: 3

Wealth: 530 G/ Month

Languages: Castille (R/W), Thean (R/W), Vodacce

Swordsman School: Aldana
Apprentice Technique:
Gain an extra unkept die for initiative per Mastery Level.

Swordsman’s Knacks: Riposte (Fencing) 2, Feint (Fencing) 2, Tagging(Fencing) 1, Exploit Weakness (Aldana) 1

Courtier: Dancing 3, Etiquette 1, Fashion 1, Oratory 1, Seduction 3
Artist: Composer 2, Musical Instruments(Strings) 1
Scholar: History 1, Math 1, Philosophy 1, Research 1

Athlete: Climbing 1, Footwork 3, Sprinting 1, Throwing 1
Fencing: Attack 2, Parry 1

Soldano Rapier W/Ring Grip: To Hit: 5k3+2 Damage: 4k2+2

Footwork: Passive: 20 Active: 5k2
Parry (Fencing): Passive: 10 Active: 3k2+2
Climbing: Passive: 10
Running: Passive: 10


“I shall never forget you Margarita. Oh! I mean Rosa. . . .I should go.”

“I do not wear a mask to hide who I am. I wear it to keep from knowing who you are.”

Diego was born into Castillian nobility the 4th of 5 brothers and sister. A member of the influential Soldano family, Diego wanted for nothing. He was schooled at an early age. He recieved an education at the best universities in Castile. Even at a young age Diego was inspired by music and dance. He would love watching the dancers at court and praticed daily. So much that his father, at the request of Diego and his mother, chose to have the boy instructed in the martial school of Aldana swordplay. Rather than the Soldano school his older brothers were schooled in.

It wasn’t soon after that Diego’s father disappeared. He went for a ride and was never heard from. After some time Diego’s oldest brother took over as head of the family. Life went on pretty much as usual. Diego continued his education and training. During this time he grew ever closer to his sister and mother. As his brothers banded close together he spent more time with his mother, sister, and courtiers learning poetry, etiquette, and musical composition.

A few years later Diego’s 2nd brother join the Castillian navy. He was attached, as manny young officers were, to the Armada. He would die in a naval engagement off the coast of Avalon. Later his little brother died in a fire. His mother stricken with grief withdrew from the family, grew ill, and later died of a fever.

With the disappearence of his father and the death of his 2 brothers and mother, Diego turned to Theus, spending a great deal in the Vaticine Church. He would soon choose a following in the Vaticine, becoming ordained. It was during this time that Diego first met Olivia. The 2 grew very close. They were in love but she had never been baptized and Diego’s oath prevented any union. Until one day it was discovered that his most dear love was secretly an Objectionalist. She was tried and killed as a heretic.

Diego, restrained by his own brother, watched as his beloved Olivia was burned alive. Overcome with rage Diego cursed his oath and withdrew from the church. He wouldn’t stop until he had avenged his love. He finally came to find the inquisitor that was responsible for Olivia’s death, and upon viciously challenging him to a duel; watched the man’s life pour out on his blade as he ran him through. It was the first time he had taken a man’s life.

Diego swore that day to never again stand by and watch someone he cared for be caused harm. He also never forgave his oldest brother for restraining him. He left his home in Castile to explore the world. Putting the most distance between himself and his home. He first visited his sister on a small island off the coast of Vodacce. She had married a wealthy Vodaccen merchant with a small merchant fleet. He would come to call this place home. He would also travel to the Vodaccen mainland, Eisen, Montaigne, and also the Midnight Archipelago where he met his old Aldana instructor.

Diego’s instructor was an master swordsman from the Cresent Empire. He’s notorious for his dirty and less than honarable tactics. He is known to kill those he duels, making the first blood the killing blow. His name, Halide Ahmet Umar is known well among those in the Swordsman’s Guild; Diego has often been held in contempt by his association with Halide. Diego didn’t agree with all of his master’s tactics and was often at odds with him. Though Halide has always noted Diego as his best student. A title Diego would prefer not to have. He has long tried to rid himself of his master’s infamous reputation and often keeps his master’s name secret to those who don’t know it.

Diego appears to live a carefree life. Spending most of his time seducing beautiful women. He enjoys it more as a game than anything else. Having buried his emotions for Olivia, an emptyness that can never be filled, he seeks only the comfort of brief companionships now. Never allowing himself to feel much more, forcing himself to move on at the first hint of love, and satisfied in the safty that accompanies the building of such walls. Even so it does not help. For he still carries the scares of a past he hides deep within his soul, and a yearning for the life he may have had.

Don Diego Leon de Soldano del Castillo

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