Donadieu Deneuve du Surlign


Donadieu is an elegant man in his late forties. His hair is starting to go grey, but he usually wears a powdered wig to cover it. He is meticulous about his appearance and always keeps pace with courtly fashion. He has a deep melodious voice and a smooth courtly manner.

Donadieu is the current court composer at Ch√Ęteau du Soleil, and serves as Madelene’s guide and coordinator during her visit, as well as serving as the Master of Ceremonies for the masquerade ball.

He is struggling with conflicting emotions about Madelene. On one hand, he admires her talent and dedication, and cannot help but like her personally. On the other hand, her skills make his pale in comparison, and he worries about losing his hard-won position.

He considers his position as l’Empereur’s favored musician a valuable opportunity to do what he loves – make and perform music – in an environment that appreciates and craves it. He fears that he would not excel in any other role, and takes his duties very seriously, for his own sake as much as for the court’s. Secretly he finds Leon’s fickle nature and imperious ways distasteful, but never lets these thoughts show. He is always obsequious and polite to a fault around l’Empereur, and will do whatever he can to keep the man content, and his position intact.


Donadieu Deneuve du Surlign

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