Dräken Grüber

An Eisen who seems to be unable to keep his hands on his own things.


Brawn: ●●●●
Finesse: ●●●
Wits: ●●●
Resolve: ●●
Panache: ●●

Experience: 4

ARCANA: Greedy

Backgrounds: Dark Secret (3), Hunted (1), Wanted (2), Orphaned (2)

Hates Bullies: Must make a Resolve Roll TN: 20 to avoid intervening.

Advantages: Northern Eisen Accent, Indomitable Will, Membership: Swordsman’s Guild

Reputation: 2

Languages: Eisen (R/W), Vodacce (R/W), Castille (ACQ), Montaigne (ACQ)

Swordsman School: Eisenfaust
Apprentice Technique:
Negate offhand penalty when using a Panzerhand.
Allows use of a broadsword as a 1 handed weapon.
When an opponent misses your passive defense you get a +5 bonus/per five points they missed you by to your next attack roll. You must use this ability before they attack you again or the ability is negated.

Swordsman’s Knacks: Beat (Heavy Weapon) 1, Bind (Panzerhand) 2, Disarm (Panzer Hand) 1, Exploit Weakness (Eisenfaust) 1

Criminal: Gambling 1, Quack 1, Pick Pocket 1, Shadowing 1, Stealth 1
Sailor: Balance 1, Climbing 1, Knotwork 1, Rigging 1
Streetwise: Socialize 1, Street Navigation 1

Athlete: Climbing 1, Footwork 1, Sprinting 1, Throwing 1
Heavy Weapon: Attack 1, Parry 1
Panzerhand: Attack 1, Parry 2

Heavy Weapon: To Hit: 4k3 Damage: 7k2
Panzerhand: To Hit: 4k3 Damage: 4k2

Footwork: Passive: 10 Active: 4k3
Parry (Heavy Weapon): Passive: 10 Active: 4k3
Parry (Panzerhand): Passive: 10 Active: 4k3


“Break me all you want; these wounds shall mend”

Orphaned at some point or another, Dräken (Drake-en) Grüber (Grue-brr) knows very little of his own family and as such gets along on his own quite well. What he does know is that he had trouble with bullying at a young age, and can’t stand bullying, finding it hard to let anyone bully anyone else without intervening.
Dräken learned to get along on his own, nabbing what he needed as long as noone else did. He now finds it hard to rid himself of this lifestyle, often grabbing things that don’t belong to him in a sort of mild form of kleptomania.
Eventually, Dräken studied the sword school of the Eisenfaust, training heavily so that he could wield weaponry heavier than most. He’s not quite to that point yet.

After officially becoming part of the swordsman’s guild, Dräken noticed one day one of the wealthier nobles, Madame Von Stein (Shtine) of the nation out about on her daily life. Dräken happened to know that this particular noble happened to carry around Dracheneisen ore essentially just to show off, and decided that, in a particular show of trying to put her in her place, attempted to steal her Dracheneisen ore. She happened to notice his attempt, but he was able to slip away, albeit empty-handed. He then immediately fled to the pirate nation, while Von Stein attempted to put public ridicule on him. Due to his distance from his homeland, it was decided that Von Stein must have mistaken him for someone else, and now Von Stein devotes a fair part of her spare time attempting to take Dräken down.

Dräken spent his time at the pirate nation generally making a meagre worker’s wage, working as a ship hand to the various voyages around the world. Along the way he ended up learning to speak, read, and write Vodacce, and to speak Castille. Here begins the story of The Web of Velvet and Iron

Of his adventures in the story, important of note is that he has made acquaintance of his traveling crew, and an enemy of Alfredo Caligari, who insulted his cousin, Bianca Caligari [an NPC who happens to be traveling with the group], in Dräken’s presence, and spit in Dräken’s face (leading to a short duel between the two). The two happen to both be related to important nobleman Vincenzo Caligari.

Dräken has now taken it upon himself to watch over any and all prisoners for now and thenceforth, due to an interrogation mishap which ended with Thors killing a prisoner.

Dräken Grüber

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