Elise Dupont

Authoress and Swordswoman of Montaigne


Brawn: ●●
Finesse: ●●●
Wits: ●●●
Resolve: ●●
Panache: ●●●

Experience: 4

ARCANA: Overzealous

Backgrounds: Dark Secret (3), Hunting (2), Romance (2)

Advantages: Indomitable Will, Published (1), Membership: Swordsman’s Guild, Membership: Sofia’s Daughters, Social Club: Société du Voltadi, Close Family Member: Courtier

Reputation: 17

Languages: Montaigne (R/W), Vodacce (R/W)

Swordsman School: Valroux

Apprentice Ability: Negates the off-hand penalty when using a dagger or main gauche.
Get +5 on Active Defense parry with dagger or main gauche in off hand.

Swordsman’s Knacks: Double Parry (Fencing/Knife) 1, Feint (Fencing) 1, Tagging (Fencing) 1, Exploit Weakness (Valroux) 1

Courtier: Dancing 2, Etiquette 2, Fashion 2, Oratory 2, Diplomacy 1
Scholar: History 2, Mathematics 1, Occult 1, Philosophy 2, Research 1
Streetwise: Socialize 1, Street Navigation 1, Underworld Lore 1

Athlete: Climbing 1, Footwork 1, Sprinting 1, Throwing 1
Fencing: Attack 2, Parry 2
Knife: Attack 2, Parry 2

Rapier: To Hit: 5k3 Damage: 4k2
Knife: To Hit: 5k3 Damage: 3k2 Range: 15 feet Short Range: -0 to hit Long Range: -5 to hit

Footwork: Passive: 10 Active: 4k3
Parry (Fencing): Passive: 15 Active: 5k3
Parry (Knife): Passive: 15 Active: 5k3


*puzzle sword
*Bianca’s pearl ring
*vial of dried blood

*3 drama dice

Elise Dupont

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