Tavern Keeper of the Powder Keg


Known Advantages: Connection (1) Drakan Gruber


“Watch it! If I have to come out from behind this bar there is going to be an awful mess that I don’t want to have to clean up.”

Marianella is a woman in her early 60’s, but has the vitality and strength of a much younger woman. She is a pleasant, but gruff and plain spoken woman, blunt often to the point of rudeness or impropriety.

Her inn takes it name from the full powder keg sitting on top of the bar with a lit candle always burning on top. When asked about it Marianella says its so she never forgets the true nature of Vodacce, become inattentive for even a moment and it can have deadly consequences.

The Heroes met her when they all visited The Powder Keg to celebrate the successful outcome of their Expedition for Prince Caligari. It was within her establishment that she struck up an odd friendship with Drakan, after his companions left him alone in the bar while they all went off to their own manner of romantic entanglements. Marianella had been speaking with the Eisen Sailor for most of the evening and felt sorry for the man after his companions deserted him, so she gave him a sandwich on the house.

It was a really good sandwich.


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