Thorsuivinanu "Thors" Ordsauadeidson

Vestenmannavnjar Mercenary and Bodyguard


Brawn: ●●●
Finesse: ●●●
Wits: ●●
Resolve: ●●
Panache: ●●

ARCANA: Hotheaded

Backgrounds: Vendetta (2)

Advantages: Patron: Vincenzo Caligari(6), Able Drinker, Cast Iron Stomach, Combat Reflexes, Cold Climate Conditioning, Dangerous Beauty, Membership: Swordsman’s Guild


Languages: Vesten (ACQ), Vodacce (ACQ)

Swordsman School: Leegstra
Apprentice Technique:
Before rolling to hit you may sacrifice action dice on a 1 for 1 basis for extra kept damage dice on your next attack. If you miss the action dice are still wasted.

Swordsman’s Knacks: Beat (Heavy Weapon) 1, Corps-à-corps 1, Lunge 1, Exploit Weakness (Leegstra) 1

Guardsman: Bribery 1, Grab 1, Perception 1, Socializing 1
Explorer: Climbing 2, Survival 1, Tracking 1
Sailor: Balance 1, Climbing 2, Knotwork 1, Rigging 1

Archer: Attack 1, Fletcher 1
Dirty Fighting: Attack 1
Hand Axe: Attack 1, Parry 1
Heavy Weapon: Attack 1, Parry 1
Pugilism: Attack 1, Footwork 1, Jab 1
Rider: Ride 1
Wrestling: Grapple 1

Bow: To Hit: 4k3 Damage: 5k2 Range: 150 feet Short Range: -5 to hit Long Range: -10 to hit Reload: 1
Improvised Weapon: To Hit: 4k3 Damage: 3k2
Hand Axe: To Hit: 4k3 Damage: 5k2 Range: 20 feet Short Range: -0 to hit Long Range: -5 to hit
Heavy Weapon: To Hit: 4k3 Damage: 6k2
Fists: To Hit: 4k3 Damage: 3k1

Footwork: Passive: 10 Active: 4k3
Parry (Heavy Weapon): Passive: 10 Active: 4k3
Parry (Hand Axe): Passive: 10 Active: 4k3


“There is safety in numbers and I am two or three at least.”
“Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, watch it! I’m huge.”
“Magic is impressive, but now Thors leads! Swords for everyone!”

Thors was the son of a sailor that was working for a local merchant. After many years of wishing to sail with his father he was finally able to sneak aboard when he was twelve. He was found only a few days after the ship set sail but the captain was unwilling to turn the ship around for the sake of time. After many days of sailing the ship was raided by a pirate ship, the captain of the ship called his father to a duel. The duel was going his father’s way and was going to let the pirate captain live but as he walked away the captain stabbed him in the back. The pirates sailed away laughing, what they didn’t realize is that Thors, through some unknown means, snuck onto there ship as well.

Over the next three years Thors became apart of the crew, grew strong through the ship’s raid and rigging the ship and would regularly challenge the captain to duels and lose, and every single time he lost the captain would taunt him over his failures and beat him. When Thors was sixteen the crew, for whatever reason, tied him up, stuck him on a rowboat and left him to die at sea. He was saved by a passing ship and was brought to port where he began a carrier as a mercenary to find the captain and kill him.

After eight years of searching Thors has calmed down somewhat but still has a searing hatred for the captain.

Thorsuivinanu "Thors" Ordsauadeidson

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