Master Gunner from the Midnight Archipelago

“Dere’s a ship on da horizon? It won’ be dere for long, don’ worry!”

Zambo is a Master Gunner hailing from the northern islands of the Midnight Archipelago. He served with the heroes on their first voyage for Vincenzo Caligari, and was impressed by their actions during the journey and subsequent escape from the Vestini mansion. He challenged the Swordsman in the group to a friendly series of Pirate Duels and was ultimately defeated by Thors. Taking his loss with good humor he subsequently offered to buy Thors a drink at the Powder Keg, a tavern on the docks of Caligari Island. While there, Thors and Zambo got exceptionally drunk and subsequently had and extremely interesting night together in the company of two barmaids from the Keg.

He currently resides on Caligari Island awaiting a berth on an outgoing vessel.


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