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The Castillians are a passionate people, and their passion can be seen in their music, their food, even their language. Of all the nations of Théah, their culture is the most diverse, having influences from all across the continent, even from the Empire of the Crescent Moon. However, the most important and potent influence in recent years has been the Vaticine Church.

Over four hundred years ago, in a bloody war, the capital of the Church moved from Vodacce to Castille, shifting the balance of power in Théah forever. Because of the Church, Castille has a university in every city, making them the most educated nation in Théah. It also sponsors public health program, aqueducts, and medical centers, providing health and medicine to anyone who is in need. Castille boasts that its nobility are not “tainted” by the dark mark of sorcery, an unusual claim in Théah.

However, trouble has befallen Castille. Just before his death, Castille’s aging king exiled his eldest son in a fit of range, leaving a beardless boy to inherit the throne. Needless to say, Good King Sandoval is no match for the cunning and wiles of Théah’s more mature and experienced nobility, but he does have one ally; the man known only as “El Vago.” This masked figure and his league of confederates have protected the king from treachery on too many occasions to enumerate. However, there are those in Castille who would like to see The Vagabond on the end of a rope, thus putting Good King Sandoval in their ambitious hands.

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