The Drachen, the most sacred creature of folklore and mythology, best represents the characters of the Eisen soul. They are a people of indomitable will and incredible courage. Like Castillians, they posses no sorcerous heritage, but their Dracheneisen (“Dragon Iron”) armor is all the magic they need; not even gunfire can penetrate a breastplate made from Eisen steel. This, coupled with the best military schools in Théah, made the Eisen the greatest military force in the world. However, the Iron Princes have seen better times.

They are at present little more than a living testament to the cost of Théah’s longest and bloodiest war. The nation of Eisen has fallen into bickering baronies, all squabbling for the most precious piece of war-ravaged mud. Any other nation would surrender to the despair that surrounds them.

But there is no word in the Eisen language for “surrender.”

Much of the nobility has left behind their blasted lands in search of foreign fortune, making Eisen’s once great military into a mighty mercenary force. The richest of Eisen’s river cities, Freiburg, has also turned mercenary, declaring to one and all that “No Questions” shall be asked of any who enter. However, some of Eisen’s nobility have not given up the dream of war, and deep within her borders, the Eisenfursten, (“Iron Princes”) are slowly rebuilding their strength. One day, when Eisen does look for a single leader, one of them will be there to take the mantle.

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