Just south of Avalon, just north of Castille, just west of Eisen, – at the center of the world – is Montaigne, ruled by the Empereur of the West, Léon Alexandre du Montaigne, the most powerful monarch in Théah. Tall, beautiful, and elegant, he is the heart of high culture – just ask him.

For every other civilized nation that cares, Montaigne defines fashion, civilization, music, art, and entertainment. The greatest courts are in Montaigne. The best food is in Montaigne. All of Théah’s nobility wear clothing inspired by Montaigne patterns. They build palaces that mimic Montaigne architecture. Montaigne is a country where the question “Why?” went out of style long ago, to be replaced with the answer “Because I want it.”

The Empereur’s personal escourt, le Garde de Solei, are among the finest fencers in Théah. Their reputation is legendary throughout the known world, and every swordsman dreams of one day being able to count himself among their number. They are hand-selected to serve the Empereur and their duty is to protect him from all dangers, no matter the cost. With a man like l’Empereur, that duty has a high price.

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