In the frozen northwest is a land strange and foreign to the rest of Théah. Those who visit Ussura return to tell tales of a land five hundred years behind the times. Their soldiers still use axes and wooden shields, wear furs and skins, grow their beards to their knees, and barter rather than use currency.

While Ussura may still be living in the twelfth century, she is a land that looks out for her own. Invading armies have discovered that to be the literal truth. “Grandmother Winter” seems very alive in Ussura, throwing snow and ice on those who have violated her borders, while her grandchildren remain safe from her cold clutches. It is almost as if the land itself were alive and aware, blessing her own and obliterating those who are not. It is also rumored that some among the Ussurans are able to communicate with beasts such as wolves and bears, but that is no doubt peasant superstitions.

The ruler of Ussura, Gaius Ilya, is a beautiful young man with a brutal and deadly temper. While the advice of the Knias Council of Boyars is supposed to guide the Gaius’ decisions, Ilya has shown on many occasions his devout hatred of their kind. One boyar who defined his wishes was thrown to his own dogs while the Gaius watched, sipping vodka and making conversation with the doomed man’s fellow council members.

Ussura is a land of brutal winters, savage justice, and black humor.

The Ussurans wouldn’t have it any other way.

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