Vendel - Vestenmannavnjar

A little over 150 years ago, the island nation north of Eisen was still known as Vestenmannavnjar. With the rise to power of the trade guilds, the name of the nation changed. Vendel is the name now used by the portion of Vestenmannavnjar society who have chosen to turn their back on what they see an an outdated and superstitious heritage in favor of a more pragmatic, financially based society.

The Vendel, as they are known throughout Théah, are the most successful and ruthless tradesmen in the known world. They control all economics in the northern half of Théah, sharing the southern portion with the Vodacce merchant princes. The advent of their coinage, the guilder, has revolutionized Théan commerce by creating a currency recognized all across the world (except, of course, in rival Vodacce).

Fringe communities of Vestenmannavnjar still exist. Living in comparatively primitive circumstances, they continue to follow their traditions and practice the runic magic of their fathers and grandfathers. They tell the same stories they’ve told for hundreds of years about gods and heroes, a mythology that is a living force and stands beside them every day. And they wait for the day when their myths will walk again and cast down those who doubted.

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Vendel - Vestenmannavnjar

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