Vodacce is a family at war. What began centuries ago as a quarrel between noble brothers has ended in a nation divided. The seven main isles of Vodacce are each controlled by a branch of that family. Each one competes fiercely with its siblings for trade, wealth, and reputation, and in Vodacce the end always justifies the means.

Built along a network of canal ways, the houses of Vodacce rise to the sky by standing one on top the other. Beneath the cities run the most extensive labyrinth of catacombs known anywhere in Théah. The complexity of its architecture is mirrored by the hearts and minds of its citizens. If the eyes are the windows to the soul, the eyes of Vodacce are hooded and hidden behind elaborate latices.

The men of Vodacce are it’s public face, full of cunning and bravado. Beneath that facade stand the Fate Witches. Somber-clad and silent, they see and manipulate the threads of chance. Rumors of Vodacce witchery are varied and terrible. Fierce Eisen warriors have been known to cut down a dozen Vodacce men on a field of battle, only to flee from the countenance of one of the witches for fear her gaze might steal their very souls.

Vodacce is a land filled with black cats, an unlucky place to be unless all the cats belong to you.

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